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SubjectRe: 2.1.x kernel and nfs
> > But why it is working with 2.0.34 but not 2.1.105 ?
> I'm not sure of the exact reason, but perhaps portmap starts more sloly under 2.1.xx, or nfs
> starts more quickly. But a number of people have reported this problem, and the solution has
> generally been to start portmap first.

Much more simple. 2.0.x the kernel nfs code never needs to contact the local
port mapper so the situation simply does not arise.

> Hopefully the distributions will correct their startup scripts before 2.2 ...

If Linus is successful on a 3 month target you are probably already looking
at the current distributions 2.2 will first be used with. RH 5.1 is just out,
Slackware 3.5 is just out, I believe (Im not sure) a new SuSE was just out..


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