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SubjectRe: Max number of TASKS on i386 arch

On Wed, 10 Jun 1998, Rik van Riel wrote:

> He probably doesn't want to need that many, since it
> will give huge scheduling and memory overhead (at least
> 12k nonswappable memory per process!).
> A better solution will be to use coroutines and polling
> the different ports (look at a multithreaded non-kernelthreaded
> app for examples on what to do. IRC servers or Mozilla should
> give you some hints...).

NSPR (Netscape Portable Runtime, comes with mozilla, is way cool) provides
an MxN userland/kernel hybrid mixture. It hasn't been ported to linux yet
(although the pure userland, and pure kernel models are already ported,
and work well). It'd be cool if someone would port the MxN model.

Yeah, 4k threads is insane. kernel or userland. Just imagine the effect
on the L2 cache if they were all busy trying to do something... even if
they were all just waking up and doing a little i/o occasionally. Ouch.


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