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SubjectRe: kmod and request-route
> or better yet, gated. "yeah, my dialup wants BGP4 packets damnit." :)

Not that your serious....

- gated sucks, mainly because the source isn't available, so I can't make
bgp4 work on some of my machines.

- a couple of people (Martin Mares and Pavel Machek?) are working on a GPLd
routing daemon I hear, but I don't know how far they have progressed.

Also - bpg4 down a dialup blows chunks. It eats way to much on a modem
links, etc.

> Is there any REAL logging of firewall entries. ie; when they're added,
> when removed, and what was added in plain english? Might be nice to know
> when you kicked on the firewall, and when you kicked it off.

Nope. It might be handy for some people, and certainly doesn't need to be
added to the kernel. (I'm not even sure why you need this though....)

Hack ipfwadm/ipfwch (or whatever its called) to log changes.


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