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SubjectRe: BTTV w/ no sound?
On Tue, 9 Jun 1998, Erik Andersen wrote:

> > Do you have an MSCP3400 on your board ?
> I am not sure. How would I check? (A few minutes later after turning off my
> computer, and pulling the card).
> Ok, my card has a magic silver box with the label:
> WinCast/TV
> 60171 Rev C 1V
> In addition, it has the following two chips on it:
> B848KPF MSP3430G-PS-A1
New chip version.

> msp3400: I/O error, trying reset (write Demod 0x1)

Might be a problem with the i2c bus. If "insmod i2c scan=1" finds around
three chips (probably at addresses 0x80, 0xa0 and 0xc2), everything is
fine. If not, mapping the bttv memory (with remap= insmod option) to
another place might help.

Or the new chip is'nt (full) backward compatible to the msp34[01]0


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