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SubjectRe: [Off topic] Re: New Linux distribution - PSL
On Wed, 10 Jun 1998, Martin Konold wrote:
> > > would get samba and squid (okay, I'm biased ;p ), and a 'workstation'
> > > distribution may get some nice KDE stuff.
> >
> > Whoops you've just installed a couple of security holes unless you
> > have the right patches applied and exactly the right versions. And
> > nobody has even tried to audit KDE yet. You've also created a license
> > violating distribution so far ...
> Please stop spreading these lies.
[...lots of threats of legal action deleted...]

Wow. You can threaten people with lawyers. What you cannot apparently do
is tell people precisely what Alan is lying about:

a) That KDE has never had a formal (or even informal) security audit, and
recent BUGTRAQ traffic lends itself well to the need for such a


b) That KDE, due to licensing issues, could make life hard on those
building a distribution around it...

From where I sit (and frankly, I have no political or financial bias in
-any- direction), I think they're both very valid points. Care to address
them instead of providing thinly veiled threats of legal action?

And how the devil did this -ever- come up on linux-kernel anyway?

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