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SubjectRe: =?gb2312?B ?u9i4tDogaG93IHRvIG1ha2UgbW9yZSB0aGFuIDI1NiBwdHkvdHR5ID8=
Roderich Schupp writes ("Re: =?gb2312?B 	?u9i4tDogaG93IHRvIG1ha2UgbW9yZSB0aGFuIDI1NiBwdHkvdHR5ID8= "):
> Given this restriction your only chance to have more than 256 ptys
> is to hack the driver source to allocate another major device number
> for the next 256 ptys etc. BTW what are you really trying to achieve?
> Do you really need >256 user terminal sessions? Maybe there's
> another way to solve your original problem?

Using 256 ptys is quite plausible. The machines that I look after have
occasionally had over 64 simultaneous users. Allow two or three xterms
per user, and the odd pty for emacs, script, and ytalk, and 256 ptys
starts to look a little on the small side. Fortunately, users
typically don't start more than one xterm, so in practice you don't
use quite so many ptys.


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