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SubjectRe: knfsd messages (was: Re: 2.1.103: knfsd dentry problem: x/y not found -- need full search)
Bill Hawes <> writes:

> Richard Jones wrote:
> >
> > On a related subject, is the following kernel message important:
> >
> > nfsd_create: dentry tmp/test not negative!
> I'm pretty sure I know the cause of that problem -- the current knfsd
> isn't obeying all of the vfs locking protocols. Under some circumstances
> it may check for existence, find the file doesn't exist, and then go to
> create the file and find that it's already been created (that's the
> "dentry not negative!" part.)


This is pretty much what I've been seeing. In my earlier report, I
carelessly missed out the critical first log entry:

May 29 12:28:10 valour kernel: nfsd_create: dentry docs/ThesisProposal not negative!

This is followed by:

May 29 12:28:10 valour kernel: find_fh_dentry: docs/ThesisProposal lookup mismatch!
May 29 12:28:10 valour kernel: lookup_by_inode: found ThesisProposal
May 29 12:28:10 valour kernel: lookup_by_inode: docs/ThesisProposal inode mismatch??
May 29 12:28:10 valour kernel: find_fh_dentry: 03:07, 129025/217178 not found -- need full search!

These blocks repeat until I ^C the pipeline.

> Guess I need to find some round tuits and get this fixed ...

Well, since I can reproduce this bug on demand, I'd be interested in
testing any patches you feel like coming up with.


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