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SubjectRe: Asymmetric multiprocessing?
Alan Cox wrote:

> Hairy but interesting project. Are you thinking of the different CPU;s
> sharing memory or not. The unshared memory case will be 'interesting'

I'm thinking of the mixed case, such that the CPUs may have own memory, but
they may also share the memory. On the example amiga, the memory map could
look like this:

1-2Meg "Chip" memory, accessible from anywhere (68k, ppc, dma)
2-8Meg "Fast" memory, accessible to the 68020 (ppc and 060 only on some
4-8Meg memory on the 68060 board, accessible to the 68060 (and the ppc, if
the ppc board and the
060 board share a common high-speed bus [i.e. are from the
same vendor :-) ])
4-8Meg memory on the ppc board, if the ppc cannot use the 060's memory.

This is the "hairy" part, isn't it? :-)


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