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    Subject2.1.103 cache size still too big
    The only way to read with Pine linux-kernel at the end of the month
    without wait for ages on my 32Mbye machine on 2.1.103 is setting:

    root@dragon:/proc/sys/vm# cat pagecache
    0 1 75

    If I leave pagecache sysctl as default (15 ... 75 if I remember well)
    performance drop since Pine got swapped out while is reading linux-kernel

    Setting to 1 or to 0 the % of the memory that must be used for the cache
    helps a lot, but sure something is still broken since the system at beast
    leave 8Mbyte of memory in the cache while Pine opens _one_ linux-kernel
    folder (this `free` is been run after a while so it appears of only

    root@dragon:/proc/sys/vm# free
    total used free shared buffers cached
    Mem: 31100 30444 656 8436 980 6884
    -/+ buffers/cache: 22580 8520
    Swap: 52412 8752 43660

    Note also that buffers are _always_ 980Kbyte.

    If I leave pagecache as default and I open linux-kernel these days (two
    day before start with an new empty folder) I get ~20Mbyte memory used by
    the cache, ~20Mbyte swapped out and 8Mbyte of memory used to run software,
    then ton of pagefault stall the system.

    If I start _two_ Pine and open _two_ linux-kernel folder at the same time,
    with pagecache set to 0 as first field (the only way to do it I think ;-),
    the cache got reduced to 4 Mbyte (and 20Mbyte got swapped out) so sure it'
    s not a problem of used unfreeable kernel structures since the more I open
    things the more the cache got reduced.

    Note also that 15 xx 75 got reasonable as default setting since 15% of
    32Mbyte are 4Mbyte and I like this value when the system is low of memory.

    Usually I don' t run application that uses large files except Pine...

    I hope somebody will fix cache memory management before 2.2. I don' t
    bother about cache speed, I bother about use the system.

    Andrea[s] Arcangeli

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