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SubjectRe: New Cyrix patch for 2.0.33
On Tue, 26 May 1998, Mike Jagdis wrote:

#Nah. If the cpuid failed you can't have a Pentium II so you can't
#have a BX chip set. Don't waste your time - you can bet your life
#that if/when Intel release a socket 7 BX-ish chip set or Cyrix
#release a slot 2 CPU they will have changed things in ways you
#haven't predicted :-).

You're forgetting something; two days to AMD K6-3D. AMD's Slot1 entry. I'm
taking the chance that it MIGHT not have cpuid enabled by default for some
bizzare reason. NEVER assume things like that; the manufacturers will
usually do the exact opposite. ;) And if Intel even looks at Socket7
again, I think I'll wet myself. They're so intent on proprietarizing every
little thing they do, I seriously doubt they're even looking back. If
anything, they're probably screaming and yelling "we should have
proprietarized socket7! now we can't exploit it any more!!" *smirk* :)

-Phil R. Jaenke ( /
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Linux 2.1.98 #15 Fri May 1 18:21:00 EDT 1998 i586
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