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SubjectRe: Multiple swap partition uglies (fwd)
Hi Thomas, Paul.

>> which _says_ the priorities are positive numbers. However, I've
>> seen posts with negative priorities mentioned, so I'm not really
>> sure.

> Just to add to the confusion I'll state that I don't even mention
> priorities in fstab, but the system recognizes two swap partitions and
> automagically assigns priorities.

> Activating swap partitions
> Adding Swap: 72256k swap-space (priority -1)
> Adding Swap: 58428k swap-space (priority -2)

In my case, I have two machines with IDENTICAL hardware, IDENTICAL
kernel images, IDENTICAL start scripts, which assign DIFFERENT
priorities to their two swap drives - one assigns -1 and -2 whilst the
other assigns -2 and -3 and I've no idea why...

Doesn't affect system behaviour though, so I havenae worried about

Best wishes from Riley.

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