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    SubjectRe: Linux-2.0.34 & crashme

    Philip Blundell wrote:
    > >Well, I tried it both as root and as unprivileged user,
    > >and guess what: Linux-2.0.34pre16 locked solid in both
    > >cases after just about 10 minutes... :-(
    > Running crashme as root is dangerous. You can kill the machine as root
    > yourself, and crashme can do it too if it manages to make the right system
    > calls.
    I'm perfectly aware of that! This test was more or less a
    cross-check. I'm more concerned that crashme running under
    an unprivileged UID could lock the machine!
    But as I don't have any more data points (no oops, no syslog
    entry) right now I can't say what went wrong exactly.

    I would be interested in other reports of crashme tests
    for Linux-2.0.34prexy. Anyone having better experiences?

    - andreas

    Andreas Haumer | email: | PGP key
    *x Software + Systeme | phone: +43.1.6001508 | available
    Buchengasse 67/8 | +43.664.3004449 | on request.
    A-1100 Vienna, Austria | fax: +43.1.6001507 |

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