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SubjectRe: Swapping in 2.1.103?
On Fri, 22 May 1998, Jim Wilcoxson wrote:

> Another scenario: you are editing in Emacs and stop to think a few
> minutes. The guy next to you decides to compile the kernel. Should the
> buffer cache steal your Emacs text/data pages so that it can fill memory
> with every C file in the kernel? My suggestion wasn't to throw out
> sequentially accessed files as soon as possible. But going on a strictly
> LRU algorithm, your Emacs pages would be gone and lots of C file buffers
> that will never be used again would be in memory. Assuming there isn't
> room for everything of course.

The only conclusion can be that there isn't some thing
like the perfect swapout mechanism.
A possible solution could be to implement swapin readahead,
so that the temorarily-unused emacs will be in core 4 or
8 times as fast... Since swapouts are already clustered,
there shouldn't be any speed problem there.

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