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SubjectRe: Mgetty-1.1.9 Problemme
"A month of sundays ago wrote:"
> i have a 8-port cyclades -y card.
> The system is a K-233,Linux2-0.33(slakware3.4),mgetty-1.1.9.
> The cyclades drive was install by the cyclades staff via the
> internet(telenet). The dirver in the 2.0.33 kernel doesn't work.

You'd better tell that to Alan Cox! (preparing the 2.0.34 release right
now - in fact I'll forward this to the kernel list, which he watches)

> Cyclades updated it.
> Mgetty being ran from the commandline for testing.

It looks to me as though you forgot to disable the other getty's that
you had running, or didn't set up the lock files correctly. Please pass
the log file info - as you sent it to me - on to the mgetty list for
gert's looksee.


(forwarded without permission, etc.)

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