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    SubjectRe: pre-2.1.100-1: can't log in, ftpd trouble, and unresolved symbols
    On Sun, 17 May 1998, Trevor Johnson wrote:

    > I've seen the problem with 2.1.99, pre-2.1.100-1, and 2.1.102. On the
    > system where I was running 2.1.99, the problem didn't appear right away:
    > it only occurred after I had a mishap while trying to update libc, and
    > copied some files from /lib on my home computer (the other afflicted
    > system) to correct the troubles with the libraries. When I updated
    > to version 1.9.8, the problem disappeared. Now the 2.1.101 kernel is
    > running on that system, and the problem has not reappeared. On my home
    > computer, I also updated to 1.9.8, yet when I boot the 2.1.102
    > kernel, I consistently have the problem. I do not have it when booting
    > 2.1.89.

    I've gone up to 2.1.98 and had no problems, but 2.1.99 and up (so far
    2.1.99, 2.1.100-pre1 and pre3, and 2.1.101) have all given me the same
    problem. I've updated my libc and (to 5.4.44 and 1.9.8,
    respectively). I have tried building with GCC 2.8.1 and
    binutils-, EGCS 1.0.2-release and binutils, and GCC with binutils and It's definitely an -EPERM
    error, but I don't know where it's coming from yet.

    > Doing "su trevor" didn't work for me on either system. I'd be happy to
    > try your test program.

    Same here - the result of trying to su to a user is the same as if I try
    to go through a login prompt. And all I had for a test prog was the

    main () {
    int err = setuid(501);

    > My home computer has gcc 2.8.1; the other (based on Red Hat 4.8)
    > has gcc Both systems are using glibc 2.0.5 and the shadow suite.
    > The Red Hat one has PAM too, of course.

    I am, as I mentioned, on libc5 (currently the latest version). I have the
    shadow suite installed, but I tried with a non-shadow login binary and got
    the same results.

    > One other person who had similar problems found that he had changed the
    > permissions on / to 700 or somesuch. They are set to 755 on both the
    > systems where I've had the problem.

    Checked that. I wish it were that easy. Got 755 permissions, but still no
    go. Gonna check some more stuff out - put printk()s in every place in
    namei.c, so that hopefully I'll be able to figure out where the problem's
    starting. I'll let you know what happens.

    Derrik Pates

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