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SubjectHow to debug boot sequence?

I have a problem with a diskless, remote booted machine whose
BIOS supports BOOTP.
With nearly all Kernels, booting gets to the 'Loading Linux........'
stage and then instantly rebooting the System (looping forever).
Exceptions are 2.0.31 and 2.1.93 (the only tested 2.1.x kernel) which
get to 'Uncompressing Linux...' and halting with
'Invalid compressed format (err=1)'
How can I debug this things further? I looked at lib/inflate.c, where
this message comes from, but no clue what happens. Even
arch/i386/boot/compress/misc.c doesn't tell me much.

Machine is a 486sx (HP-Manufactured, modified PHOENIX-BIOS (as shipped
from HP)) with no disks (12MB ram).


Richard Guenther <>
PGP: 2E829319 - 2F 83 FC 93 E9 E4 19 E2 93 7A 32 42 45 37 23 57

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