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SubjectOFFTOPIC: Linus for Man of the Century

The DALnet #Linux has started a movement to get Linus Torvalds voted as Man of
the Century. Their idea is to get a massive number of votes for Linus, which
would at least get the attention of Linux if nothign else. They estimate that
they need about 1 million votes to pull it off.

They've requested everybody to vote for Linus and to pass it along. The catagory
in which Linus is being placed also has a mention of Bill Gates, so we've got
some competition. If you would like more information, see the URLs below.

Vote for Linus Torvalds:

Linus as Man of the Century Mailing List:

* Note: Please do not flame me or yell at me saying this does not belong on the
list because I am aware of that but thought this information had to be passed
along to those interrested and this is the easiest way of contacting mass
numbers of Linux users I could think of.

Sean M. Kelly | Bill Gates must truly be a genius to successfully | market so many programming failures.

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