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Subject2.1.94 breaks Soundscape...
Trying to compile 2.1.94 with all my usual settings, I see:

drivers/sound/sound.a(sscape.o): In function `probe_ss_ms_sound':
sscape.o(.text+0xbfe): undefined reference to `ad1848_detect'
drivers/sound/sound.a(sscape.o): In function `attach_ss_ms_sound':
sscape.o(.text+0xcb4): undefined reference to `ad1848_init'
sscape.o(.text+0xcee): undefined reference to `ad1848_control'
drivers/sound/sound.a(sscape.o): In function `unload_ss_ms_sound':
sscape.o(.text+0xd39): undefined reference to `ad1848_unload'
make: *** [vmlinux] Error 1

It turns out that the patch I sent to both Alan and Linus a while ago
to linux/drivers/sound/Makefile to make the Ensoniq Soundscape driver
compile only got merged into Linus' source tree, not Alan's, so it went
away as part of Alan's latest sound driver merge.

Alan, would you mind reverting the 2.1.94 changes to CONFIG_MPU401
and CONFIG_SSCAPE in linux/drivers/sound/Makefile? Thanks.


If you want me to send a patch, I'l be happy to.

Erik B. Andersen Web:
--This message was written using 73% post-consumer electrons--

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