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SubjectRe: 2.1.93..

On Tue, 7 Apr 1998, David S. Miller wrote:
> 2.1.93 is out there. It is broken on other platforms than x86,
> 2.1.because I had to move some initialization code around, but this
> 2.1.shoul dbe very easy to fix (moving the device init code later
> 2.1.makes a _lot_ of things easier: the system is essentially up
> 2.1.and running, and "kmalloc()" etc actually works).
> It even breaks Intel, /proc/pci no longer works etc.
> This change should have been thought out better before it was made, so
> much of the device probing level is coded with the old ordering in
> mind. I realize the advantage, but it's going to take a week or so to
> cleanup everything so all arch's work once more.

Device initialization ordering is still maintained - the breakage is due
to something else (and it might well be partly due to the new PCI code,
the jury is still out as far as I'm aware).


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