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    SubjectRe: 2.1.93 PCI changes

    > Half success to report here... 2.1.93 built with lots of complaints
    > about various PCI drivers needing to be updated: Buslogic.o for sure,

    I've already sent a patch to Leonard...

    > many of the sound object modules, and others I can't remember at the
    > moment.

    I tried to fix most drivers, but some still remain:

    - EATA drivers
    - Advansys
    - Sound drivers
    - ISDN
    - Other ports (already in the VGER tree, will be merged soon)
    - drivers/char/bttv.c
    - arch/alpha/kernel/apecs.c (already fixed, sending to Linus)

    In case anyone is volunteering to look at these drivers, please send
    patches to me.

    > Machine booted fine, but failed to find my PCI NE2000 clone.

    I'll look at it today or tomorrow.

    Have a nice fortnight
    Martin `MJ' Mares <>
    Faculty of Math and Physics, Charles University, Prague, Czech Rep., Earth
    "return(ENOTOBACCO); /* Read on an empty pipe */"

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