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SubjectRe: 2.0.34pre6
> Would you be interested in an update to prevent IDE UltraDMA
> from frying people's filesystems in 2.0.xx ?

This sounds an extremely good idea ;) How is support for >8Gig units btw ?

> It seems that enough people now have these units,
> and they are completely unsafe with older kernels (2.0.xx).
> [UltraDMA "reused" a status bit that used to mean "bad block",
> but now means "CRC error, retry transfer". Linux 2.0.xx just
> gives up when it sees "bad block", since it "knows" that it
> cannot do anything about a bad block.. very painful. ]

That shows a little sense on the ultradma folks part. It does at least fail
in a way windows will do a retry, abort, crash horribly at you

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