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SubjectRe: We're crashing too - 2.0.33 w/ 2.0.34pre2 patches
> On 1998-04-06, Donald Ball <> wrote:
> You mentioned that this machine has both an Adaptec 2xxx and a 3Com 3c905
> card. I (and many others) have had problems with unexplained lockups on
> machines (running a variety of 2.x.x kernels) with these cards, especially
> when used together. For most of us, dumping these cards seems to have taken
> care of the problem. Most of these boxes were SMP, but a good number were
> UNI as well.

Not so for me: I've been running with a 3C905 and an AHA-2940UW for many month
now, going SMP three months ago, with no lockup whatsover. I'm at 2.0.34pre5
now, was at 2.0.34pre2 before that, and 2.0.33 even before. I'm using the
5.0.x aic7xxx driver, as well as the 0.49 version of the 3Com driver.


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