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SubjectRe: foreign fs security features (was Re: NCPFS overhaul)
Andrej Presern <> wrote:
> The solution: you implement a object oriented capability model (pure,
> not POSIX capabilities), then rebuild a UNIX (or any other) filesystem
> on top of that if you still need it.

Another way of getting global access to per-whatever variant file systems
is to have a distinct root for each "whatever"'s view of the file system.
Thus, if each user has a different view, look at
/auto/users/fred/usr/local/src/linux to get fred's view, and
/auto/users/george/usr/local/src/linux to get george's view.

If each process has a different view, you look at
/proc/1234/fs/usr/local/src/linux to get process 1234's view.

All this assumes that the distinctions are made by the kernel.

Expect to consume more resources running such a file system (dcache
isn't going to be quite as useful in obtaining efficiency).


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