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    SubjectRe: GGI Project Unhappy On Linux
    >>>>> "Chris" == Chris Evans <> writes:

    Chris> People are dithering and arguing about performance; one vital
    Chris> point seems to have been missed, and that is that a gfx card is
    Chris> supposed to deliver performance by performing acceleration
    Chris> operations while the CPU gets on with something more
    Chris> useful. Well under X currently it wastes my very fast CPU by
    Chris> polling the damn card to see when its bitBLT request is done. A
    Chris> nice queue system in the kernel can be envisaged where the
    Chris> kernel monitors the gfx card interrupts and automagically loads
    Chris> the next request from the queue asyncronously to the normal
    Chris> processor. The X-server can then sleep waiting for some "queue
    Chris> purged" message from the kernel.... etc.. you get the point.

    There is nothing the prevents you from pipelining the blit operations
    in user space as well and/or start doing other things while `waiting'
    for a blit operation to finish.


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