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SubjectPlease mail ATI
I currently have an ATI All-In-Wonder video card, that includes
as one of it's features a TV-Tuner. Which is completly useless
to me right now due to the lack of a Linux driver. I am
fully willing to start work on such a driver, but ATI refuses
to release information on the card so that I can do so.

They have stated in emails to me that the card contains
hardware that they have licenced from other companys, and
can therefore legally not release information on. I can
only assume they are refering to the BT829 chip, and
the Philips tuner. I have spec books on the Bt829, and
the kernel allready has code in it to deal with
the Philips tuner. The problem being the BT829's
regisiters are accessed via what ATI calls a Multimedia
channel, which I have no information on.

The favor I wish to ask of all of you, is for you to email, and request that they release information
on there TV-Tuner card, so that a linux driver can be
written. I figure if they get enough requests from
enough people they might release the information.

Fred Wittekind

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