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SubjectRe: kmod freezes
On Sat, 4 Apr 1998, CD323 wrote:

>> BTW, there is another annoying bug: if I don' t add this line:
>> post-install parport modprobe -k parport_lowlevel
>> to /etc/conf.modules, parport_pc is not loaded at it should be. This
>> workaround change also the time when parport_pc is loaded and don' t work
>> in a configuration of CONFIG_PARPORT=y CONFIG_PARPORT_PC=m and
>this is not a kmod issue. please take this up with the parallel port
>driver maintainers. it looks to me like parport_pc is at no time
>requested by any of the other parallel port driver components, and so
>needs to be "manually" loaded from /etc/modules.conf. thanks.

I am one of the parport developer. You are wrong. parport_enumerate() in
parport_share.c recall request_module() that _should_ load the module
parport_lowlevel that must be defined as an alias in /etc/conf.modules.
Then when __lp__ and not __parport__ is load parport_enumerate() will be
recalled from the lp initialization but parport_lowlevel is lot loaded due
a kmod bug. The workaround is buggy too because parport_lowlevel must be
load not when parport is load but when a pardevice module is load.

The same bug is shown by the scsi_hostadapter alias in the scsi code.

Andrea[s] Arcangeli

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