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    SubjectRe: Plug & Pray...
    Linus Torvalds wrote:
    > (snip..)
    > I know some people tend to assume that by making things happen in the
    > kernel, they are automatically done right. I wish it was that way, and I
    > try to _keep_ it that way, but the way I do that is to say "no" rather
    > than by just hoping that things will work ;)
    As Linus says, that is the M$-Way(tm) of doing things.

    In real life it appears to mean that people hope they can throw any kind
    of hardware in to the OS and say 'let the OS take care of things, I dont
    wanna know any crappy details of hardware'

    Unfortunately we dont live the a perfect world.
    Interfaeces are not clearly documented.
    Various devices try to occupy same io/memory/irq space.

    To be able to configure Your present dreambox You MUST know what you
    want, not just hope that some miracle piece of software makes all your
    decisions for You.

    If You really, really, really, need PnP.
    a - format your disk.
    b - install Windows 95
    c - scrap all hardware not recogniced by Win95
    d - be happy

    If You want to know what happens in Your box
    a - learn all about your hardware
    b - install Linux
    c - be happy

    What PnP really means is 'Corporate Sponsored Ignorance' thats what is
    There must be something wrong in the present system of education,
    because it appears that nobody wants to think or know anything about
    anything nomore.


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