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    Subjectsome details reg. Sound DMA (output) timeout

    from several reports on this list I know that the

    Sound DMA (output) timeout

    message is a more or less common problem with the latest

    First of all, the problem doesn't depend on the sound driver
    compiled into the kernel or as module. The error shows up
    in both cases.
    However, using sound as module may cause real trouble: when
    I loaded (or let kerneld/kmod load) the modules and used it
    once, it was ok. The second time the DMA problem occurred.
    Then I removed the sound modules (rmmod) and tried to reload
    them (insmod). Bang! The kernel freezes. No message, no log,
    no SysRQ, nothing.
    It seems that certain resources aren't freed and can't be
    initialized again.

    I tried several of the latest development kernels and
    realised that the problem started (at least for me) with
    2.1.90. This means, 2.1.89 was ok with respect to this problem
    and the (fairly large) 2.1.90 patch introduced the bug.
    So I tried the sound driver of 2.1.89 with 2.1.90 (ie, I
    copied the hole linux/drivers/sound directory). And voila, it
    Later I will try that with 2.1.98 too.

    Unfortunately, I wasn't able to find the real cause from the
    patch, but it looks like a lot of DMA closing/freeing has been
    removed (though it may be replaced, and I didn't notice that)

    Maybe this helps to fix the problem.




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