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    SubjectRe: Linux-2.1.92 - Feature Freeze
    > What are the chances on sneaking in the pnp kernel driver?

    I've been talking to Linus further about this. Probably we will stick in
    just an isapnp enabler and the sysctl api bit which allows you to set cards
    up and then load modules, not the callbacks or notional support for other
    PnP interfaces

    In 2.3.x we will switch all the existing resource allocators to be wrappers
    for a single generic resource object managing arbitary resource types and
    supporting relocation and hot swapping etc. That'll need input for all sorts
    of people - especially the PCMCIA folks

    My major remaining concenns are the totally broken VM layer, the fact
    the scsi error handler thread stuff appears somewhat dubious and the lack
    of adequate kernel resource tracking where it hasnt scaled up with the
    scaling of things like descriptor sizes and maximum buffers.

    It would be very bad to shit a 2.2 any user can trivially take down.

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