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SubjectRe: pnp
On Tue, 28 Apr 1998, Jeff O wrote:

> Date: Tue, 28 Apr 1998 21:53:04 -0700
> From: Jeff O <>
> To: Kernel <>
> Subject: pnp
> Hello
> I have 2.1.98 w/pnp enabled. I have a pnp modem (lt winmodem in fact),

it's a winmodem ????
it's A modem Designed For windows 95 ?
it's a modem designed for Windows 95 with esential Hardware Missing that
REQUIRES windows drivers to make up for the missing bits ???

this modem is fact is about half a modem
take it back and get a real modem with the UART built in

if you have a win modem it will not work properly simply because the CPU is
expected to makeup for $10 work of parts missing from your modem
If that modem worked under linux ( which i really doubt will happen ) under
heavy cpu load your modem will drop data and even hang up

> but I cannot find a pnp directory under /proc or /proc/devices! Nor can
> I access the modem, which works swimmingly in Windows!

try loading somthing heavyduty like photoshop and apply some filters while
downloading a new copy of netscape for example.

did you get disconected doing that ???

windows and Linux are different beasts

windows is still basicly a single user system expecting one application
running , any otehr applicatins are usually slower in the background
that sort of design means that windows can stand to have some braindead

Linux on the other hand is multi user and multitasking
when one aplication is using most of the cpu it is no problem
but when may programs are running ( with equal priority ) anmd start using
near to 100% of the cpu even breifly then the modem would not get the CPU
time it needs and would then fail and often hang up.

that is my understanding of why winmodems are bad in a server enviroment,
which linux is at heart.

> Is there a bug in
> 2.1.98's soundmodem and/or pnp drivers I don't know about? There
> probably is, for I know nearly nothing! <g>

> Please help if you can! I got the new kernel just so I could use my
> modem!!

buy a real modem , even if your winmodem does work it will never be as good
as a non winmodem because it is not all there.

John Duthie
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