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SubjectRe: pnp
On Tue, 28 Apr 1998, Jeff O wrote:

> Hello
> I have 2.1.98 w/pnp enabled. I have a pnp modem (lt winmodem in fact),
That's the problem. Return this one and get a REAL modem. A winmodem is a
half of a modem that leaves all higher functions to the Windows driver.
-) That makes a lot less sense in a real multiuser/multitasking OS.
-) The builder of such garbage don't release usually programming
-) So it will not work with Linux. A completly another thing would be
a internal PnP modem, but that wouldn't be sold as WinModem propably :)
-) It will propbably not work for a LONG time, as the average Linux hacker
doesn't buy such crap.


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