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    SubjectRe: 2.1.98 Netscape hangs and more
    Riley Williams <> writes:

    > I have not yet tried any of the 2.1 series kernels with Netscape, so
    > can't comment on that yet...

    The problem of netscape is known, but no solution yet (other than switching
    to Mozilla which seems to have fixed it, or using a proxy).

    When you strace netscape when it is hanging you'll see that is in an endless

    write(fd,"GET ...",..) = -EAGAIN

    loop. This happens when netscape tries to connect to a remote server which
    does not send a SYN-ACK back. Linux returns EAGAIN when someone tries to
    write to a socket that is not connected yet. This should only happen when
    select() disagrees with write() [because netscape thinks a socket is writable,
    but it is not]. The output routine sees the EAGAIN, thinks it is just an
    temporary error, tries again => Endless loop.

    The EAGAIN return code in the not-connected-yet case is a bit unfortunate
    [e.g. HP/UX uses ENOTCONN here which is more appropiate IMHO], but changing
    it would probably break too many programs - also Solaris returns EAGAIN too.

    That it happens with 2.1, but not with 2.0 points to a difference in
    the 2.0/2.1 select policies. Both me and David Miller looked over the
    code but couldn't find any difference that would explain that yet.

    Note that I never managed to catch netscape with strace before the incident
    happened - bonus points to anybody who can supply the last 30 system calls
    or so _before_ the endless loop happens. That would help tracking it down
    a lot.

    Mozilla seems to have fixed it, I've never seen it with mozilla. Another
    workaround is to use a proxy, because the connection to the proxy usually
    works fast, skipping the "dangerous" SYN_SENT phase quickly.


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