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SubjectRe: 2.1.98 also corrosive

Andrea Arcangeli <> wrote:

> Bill reported that this patch helps in system with tiny memory:

I think that I should clarify this. Andrea's patch made very little
difference. Here is the result of the script which I posted to this
list when run on a kernel 2.1.98 with Andrea's patch applied:

$ ./ ~sys
Test gcc compile times.
Linux version 2.1.98 (root@lorentz) (gcc version 2.8.1) #48 Sun Apr 26 09:20:53 EST 1998
gcc takes 43.73 seconds before 'find'
find /home/sys -print | wc --> find took 26.00 seconds
15541 15541 630856
gcc takes 261.44 seconds after 'find'
find /home/sys -print | wc --> find took 28.00 seconds
15541 15541 630856
gcc takes 304.85 seconds after 120 second wait

Once again this is on a machine (a 80486) with 8 Mbyte of RAM.
Observe that the 'rusting' effect gives an increase by a factor
of about 6 (about 500% increase) in the compilation time. Andrea's
patch gave a decrease in the time for the first 'rusted' compilation
of about 8% (note that this is for a single measurement and most of
it may be due to the chance variations which exist). I leave it
to others to provide a valid interpretation of this...


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