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SubjectRe: HP netservers

Don't know if this will help you, but we're running 3 LX-Pros (dual) on

They run like charms - no problems here!


-----Original Message-----
From: Frode Vatvedt Fjeld <>
To: <>
Date: 24. april 1998 18:52
Subject: HP netservers

>Are anyone running series 2.1 kernels successfully on a HP Netserver?
>We have some LX-Pro4 and LXrPro8 machines, and their behave
>consistently like this: 2.1.xx kernels hangs or dies violently during
>kernel boot, apparently while scanning the PCI bus. These machines
>have two PCI buses, which might confuse the kernel? The configuration
>of PCI-cards is different (different SCSI, NIC etc.).
>On version 2.0.33 (and probably also 31 and 32) the kernel boots, but
>(if running with SMP) it usually hangs with a message "deadlock
>detected by cpu XX" after a few minutes with heavy load. Kernel 2.0.30
>works fine.
>It'd be nice to have 2.2 able to run on these boxes..
>Frode Vatvedt Fjeld
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