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SubjectRe: Euro symbol (going further off topic)
H. Peter Anvin <> wrote:
> No, it doesn't. I don't know what character set your mail/news reader
> thinks you're using (probably one of the IBM abominations), but it's
> not ISO 8859-1.

The problem reported (where o overstruck with x looks like n overstruck
with ~) occurs when a character-set aware mail reader (such as mutt)
tries to display iso 8859-1 on a display which it thinks is latin-1
but really is the native linux character set/font.

At least, I experience the reported problem, but my display looks like
what you describe it should be if I do `setfont lat1-16.psf`, and it
reverts to problematic display if I do a plain `setfont`. Note that
it doesn't matter whether i'm using `mapscrn trivial`, `mapscrn lat1.uni`
or `mapscrn iso01.uni`.

This surprises me, as I thought linux's native display was latin1.


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