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    SubjectRe: 2.1.97 mm and cache
    On Tue, 21 Apr 1998, Pavel Machek wrote:

    > > > I really don' t think the problems is the swap code. I think the problem
    > > > is the cache allocating code. Only it. Then the swapping code try to free
    > > > memory swapping all out. As ever I never got into mm details so I can be
    > > > wrong.
    > >
    > > My friend showed how 2.1.97 stall on its laptop with 8Mbyte of ram. So I
    > > tried to develop something with that hardware. To hang 2.1.97 I need to
    > > `cp -r linux tmp` and then run a `make mrproper` on a kernel tree as
    > > suggested by my friend.
    > Renice kswapd to some non-realtime priorityy. If it helps, let me
    > know.

    How do things work with my latest patch (available from
    my homepage & LinuxHQ) ???

    If it doesn't work, we should work out some special settings
    for /proc/sys/vm/swapctl...

    > I'm not really sure we should run kswapd on realtime priority, it just
    > hangs too many machines... [Magic-Foo: renice kswapd? :-) ]

    Not realtiming kswapd would give even bigger problems when
    people have a memory shortage. Besides, kswapd seems to be
    rather problem-free with my latest patch.
    <knock wood> <knock again> <knock through wood> <oops>

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