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    SubjectRe: ftp connection problems in 2.1.97
    "Kiesel, Norbert" <> writes:

    > Hello!
    > After switching to 2.1.97 from 2.0.33 I noticed that I can no longer
    > establish any remote ftp connections (ftp hangs in "connecting"). I'm
    > using an ISDN card for internet access. http through the proxy of my ISP
    > still works (and also wget from a ftp server using the proxy but this
    > also uses http). I already checked the route and ifconfig output but
    > found no differences between 2.0.33 and 2.1.97. Booting with 2.0.33
    > (without changing anything else) gives me my ftp login back again.
    > Any hints?

    ftp works for me over isdn with 2.1.97 and vger-current. Could you send in
    a tcpdump of the failed ftp attempts? You'll probably need the tcpdump/libpcap
    patches from to get a working tcpdump that works
    for ISDN devices in 2.1 [and compile with AF_PACKET or load the module of


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