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SubjectRe: [patch 2.1.97] more capabilities support
Andrew Morgan wrote:
> Andrej Presern writes:
> > > I'm happy to say that capabilities as a concept have emerged from this
> > > research. It is my understanding that they are preferable to many of
> > > the other alternatives because they can be implemented in such a way
> > > that does not slow down the kernel.
> >
> > You don't know how right you are:) Only that I'm not talking about
> > capability lists such as POSIX:)
> I think you will find that POSIX labels your flavor of capability as
> "Mandatory Access Control" it is also a part of the POSIX draft...

Then you failed to understand the concept because the implementation
that uses capability lists is flawed. I haven't actually read the draft,
but as much as I could understand about it from other people's talk,
it's a capability list design and your implementation seems to confirm


Andrej Presern,

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