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SubjectRe: Updated PSS sound card CDROM port enabler plus SoundBlaster Emulation
>         Both the code to enable the CDROM port and the code that enables
> the SoundBlaster Emulation is now fully selectable in 'make menuconfig'.
> If a user doesn't want either section of code included in his customized
> sound driver then he can just leave the new options unselected. When the
> option is unselected the associated code is not compiled into the driver
> as it is surrounded by an #ifdef ... #endif block. And we probably do

Still, we gain yet another config option that does not give us anything
Note that SB emulation/WSS are exclusive. By using SB emulation
while WSS is going on, you make WSS unaccessible underneath the WSS
which is not good.

> have "legacy DOS games" to support as, according to DOSemu's
> documentation, some DOS games run under DOSemu. If this is true then I am

This is not true. DOSemu does its own SB emulation on top of the OSS
so we do not gain anything even for DOSemu. (Besides, we want
to run legacy apps in DOSemu even on soundcards that do not have a SB
emulation, such as Ensoniq's AudioPCI, therefore it's a good thing
DOSemu has its own emulation).


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