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    SubjectRe: 2.1.97: Socket hangs in SYN_SENT
    Thomas Quinot wrote :

    > When trying to fetch news from a particular remote host
    > (, if this matters), the NNTP sockets
    > often (but not always) get stuck in SYN_SENT state

    I'll second that. I run a mailing list with around 50 subscribers, and it
    regularly jams up. I thought at first smail was doing it wrong, so tried
    sendmail, but when the problem persisted I realised that pretty well
    every time it jams the connection to one site in particular was stuck in
    SYN_SENT. The only way to free it is to nuke sendmail and start it again.

    This is with 2.1.94 and various previous versions.

    I'll try the patch posted by Andi Kleen on the latest kernel and see
    what happens.

    Giles D /\/\alet --- O O
    +1 519 725 5726 -- _ </< <^- - \/\ __/\
    Waterloo, Ontario, Canada - / \

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