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    SubjectRe: 2.1.97 mm and cache
    On Mon, 20 Apr 1998, Andrea Arcangeli wrote:

    > root@dragon:/proc/sys/vm# cat pagecache
    > 1 1 1
    > root@dragon:/proc/sys/vm# cat freepages
    > 2000 5000 10000

    Freepages isn't used any more (and will be re-used RSN).

    > Am I interpreting the docs right? (using 1 2 3 for pagecache don' t make
    > differences) It should be the the normal beaviour?

    It seems there's a typo in mm/vmscan.c, I'll fix this

    > >The change we'll probably need is changing the swap policy
    > >to SC_ROUNDROBIN from SC_whatwehavenow.
    > >(see the 1.2.xx source code for references :)
    > I really don' t think the problems is the swap code. I think the problem
    > is the cache allocating code. Only it. Then the swapping code try to free
    > memory swapping all out. As ever I never got into mm details so I can be
    > wrong.

    You are :) Kswapd frees pagecache & buffermem pages first
    when one of them is above maximum...
    When both (one of them?) is under borrowpercent, kswapd
    should free one cache/buffer page and one normal page in
    (which it currently doesn't do)

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