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    SubjectRe: Counting System Calls [patch]
    >> 	Has anyone created entry.S code to count system calls (per
    >> syscall number), and /proc code to read these counts?
    >Here ya go. Info goes to /proc/syscalls (and a totals counter sits in
    >/proc/stat, just to be gratuitous). A Q&D pretty-printer might look like

    Wow! Thanks! However...

    >+ incl kstat # kstat.syscalls
    >+ incl syscall_stat(,%eax,4) # syscall counter
    >+ unsigned int syscalls; /* Keep this first! (see entry.S) */

    Do you think the counters should be 64 bits wide? They don't
    *need* to be 64 bits wide, because at current processor speeds it'll
    take a few hours to overflow, and a background process could read the
    entries out of /proc and fix up the problem in user space in that
    period. Also, I note that the IRQ counters are 32 bits wide on i386,
    and I guess people aren't annoyed about overflows there...

    >+extern int syscall_stat[NR_syscalls];
    >+int syscall_stat[NR_syscalls] = { 0 };

    "unsigned int" instead of "int" (or 64-bit wide counters, per
    my comments above)?

    Craig Milo Rogers

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