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SubjectRe: driver for Creative Labs DVD kits
>>>>> "Alan" == Alan Cox <> writes:

>> Are they just being stubborn, or are the asking for a NDA? We are a
>> partner of c-cube - I can try asking them for the docs. If they
>> require an NDA I can't help you though.

Alan> It also depends on the kind of NDA. If we can reassure them we want to
Alan> know how to drive the external (PC) API for the device not take apart and
Alan> ship source to their loaded DSP firmware then perhaps we can get somewhere.
Alan> The biggest problem I've had so far is finding anyone in CCube who will
Alan> even talk. Its not so much as 'you dont exist go away' as 'we dont exist go
Alan> away'

I know who to talk to. Tell me what you want, and I'll give it a try.

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