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SubjectRE: BT848 Broken?

When I use the bt848, I normally build it as modules. To use it you need
then videodev, i2c and bttv modules.
Looking through the config there does not seem to be any option for i2c
support. I would suggest trying as a module unless anyone else knows how to
include i2c support as standard.


> While re-compiling to add BT848 support I got this:
> drivers/char/char.a(bttv.o): In function `attach_inform':
> bttv.o(.text+0x4c1): undefined reference to `i2c_control_device'
> drivers/char/char.a(bttv.o): In function `set_freq':
> bttv.o(.text+0x1162): undefined reference to `i2c_control_device'
> bttv.o(.text+0x1199): undefined reference to `i2c_control_device'
> bttv.o(.text+0x11bf): undefined reference to `i2c_control_device'
> bttv.o(.text+0x11ce): undefined reference to `i2c_control_device'
> drivers/char/char.a(bttv.o)(.text+0x296a): more undefined
> references to
> `i2c_control_device' follow
> drivers/char/char.a(bttv.o): In function `init_bt848':
> bttv.o(.text+0x3cd0): undefined reference to `i2c_register_bus'
> drivers/char/char.a(bttv.o): In function `release_bttv':
> bttv.o(.text+0x43b6): undefined reference to `i2c_unregister_bus'
> make: *** [vmlinux] Error 1

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