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    SubjectRe: [SMP patch] io-apic-patch-2.1.97-A
    MOLNAR Ingo wrote:
    > for those who still have 2.1.97 SMP boot/device problems, here is a 2.1.97
    > patch that works around one rather rare BIOS bug. It has a chance to make
    > a difference on Dell Poweredge and certain Micronics boards (but other
    > boards might be affected as well).
    > if there is still anyone with a board having fundamental SMP troubles
    > around, then please let me know ASAP. Most common 'fundamental' problems:
    > - 'soft' or 'hard' hang at boot
    > or - some device doesnt work at all, driver says something nasty but
    > the system works under 2.0.33 or on uniprocessor kernels just
    > fine
    > or - system boots but strange 'IPI' messages pop up and system hangs
    > quickly
    > or - [or other symptoms]
    > it might be that i have accidentally overlooked some bug report, please
    > resend in such cases, there we quite many SMP fixes in recent kernels and
    > 2.1.97+this_patch is supposed to work in 100% of the cases.


    I have an ALR Revolution Q-SMP board with four P133 processors
    on it.
    I tried to run 2.1.97+IO-Apic patch, but it still won't work :-(

    I can run the 2.1.97 kernel fine with UniProcessor kernel.
    SMP_kernel compiles OK, but at booting it always comes to :

    CPU0: Intel Pentium 75+ stepping 0b
    Calibrating APIC timer
    ..... CPU Clock speed is 133.3200 Mhz
    ..... APIC bus clock speed is 533.3113 Mhz.
    Booting processor 1 eip2000 : Not responding
    Booting processor 2 eip2000 : Not responding
    Booting processor 3 eip2000 : Not responding

    The system then tries to boot further and finally hangs at :

    Kernel panic : IO-APIC + timer doesn't work !

    Any ideas ?

    Wim Binneveld

    Ir. W.T. Binneveld e-mail :
    Binele Internet, dochter van Binnevelds Element bv
    Landelijke inbelpunten voor ISDN, 33K6, 56Kflex, huurlijnen
    Telefoon : 030 - 2804538 Fax : 030 - 2804552
    Mobiel : 06-51522453
    Alexander de Grotelaan 8 - 3526 RJ Utrecht - The Netherlands

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