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    SubjectRe: unicode (char as abstract data type) (Alex Belits)  wrote on 17.04.98 in <>:

    > On Sat, 18 Apr 1998, Martin Mares wrote:

    > > No, it just solves the storage and visual representation part of the
    > > problem and leaves the rest to the others.
    > ...while after all necessary meta-information about language context is
    > gone, and there is no way to recover it except by guessing (one charset

    "Is gone"? It never was there to begin with. *No* character set that I
    have ever heard of has language labelling, so don't blame Unicode for not
    having it either.

    Most people bashing Unicode seem to do so for two extremely moronic

    * It's not a simple 8 bit character set. This is work!

    Well duh, there's more than 256 characters around. You _can't_ do this
    with a simple 8 bit character set. And if you want to see a really ugly
    solution, look at ISO 2022 - the "just give up" solution.

    * It doesn't solve problem X that no other character set solves either.

    Well duh. Quelle surprise. What else is new?

    MfG Kai

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