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SubjectRe: My memory is rusty
Rusty .....that's a term I haven't heard to explain degraded
performance...but anyways...:) a Computer Technician it seems that I
see this kind of situation almost on a daily basis....I don't want to
sound like I am talking down to you, I'm not...but many
times...performance degration is usually causes of end users' not
performing routine maintenance on their respective seems that
many users think that they just go buy a system and voila, it runs
perfectly forever....if we were to treat our vehicles in the same fashion,
automakers would control the world...(don't they already?!) Regarding your
statement that when you boot into your kernel, performance goes bad, it's
probably just because you are trying to run programs that are "memory
hogs" and of course, the way to solve that is to increase your RAM and
processor power. I know how it is to run at 16 M with a Pentium's not fun...and it would be different if only coders who write
programs wouldn't make them for the 64 M machines that they happen to
own...I see that all the time! I currently run 80 M with a 120 MHz
processor....I still don't like memory's annoying...

"Give me a dozen atom smashers, an underground laboratory, and a girl in a
diaphanous veil waiting to be turned into a chimpanzee, and I care not who
writes the nations laws!"

On Sun, 19 Apr 1998, Bill Metzenthen wrote:

> Some time recently (I can't remember exactly when :), I think it was
> P. J. Plauger who observed that modern operating systems rust. I
> other words after using the things for months it is often necessary to
> re-install the things to get the performance back to a satisfactory
> level. This seems to be a complaint against MicroSoft operating
> systems and their ilk.
> Somewhere in the 2.1.xx series (maybe 2.1.4x, but I'm not sure) of
> Linux kernels I noticed that rapid rusting was setting in. After
> using the system for a time, which could be less than an hour, the
> performance would become very sluggish due to swapping and only
> rebooting seems to restore system performance.
> Of course there were a few disastrous kernels around 2.1.90, but we'll
> forget about those...
> I have a feeling that the rusting problem has become worse as the
> kernel versions have progressed but it's only recently that I've
> started trying to get some measure of the effect so I can't be sure.
> I've recently tried a few things to see if the cause of the rusting
> might become apparent but before I really roll my sleeves up it seems
> like a good idea to ask here. It's likely that someone already knows
> the answer and/or can point out something silly I am doing...
> Don't laugh, but my system is currently and 80486 with 8 Mbyte of RAM.
> My observation of most messages which mention configuration is that
> most people have much more RAM than this and might not be seeing the
> problem.
> To rule out hardware problems, I compiled and installed 2.0.33 and
> observe that the rusting is either much slower or doesn't exist with
> that kernel.
> Cheers,
> Bill
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