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SubjectRe: unicode (char as abstract data type)

On 17 Apr 1998, Ulrich Drepper wrote:

> Alex Belits <> writes:
> > The problem is, for handling the data in applications UTF-8 is the very
> > worst format ever invented by a human.
> You will not handled UTF-8 internally.
> UTF-8 is normally meant to be the external representation of UCS2 or
> UCS4. Once you load a text you use iconv() or mbsrtowcs() function to
> convert to UCS4 which then can be used internally just like 8bit
> strings. All the functions are in place. In glibc 2.2 there will
> finaly be the possibility to use wide-char streams so that you would
> not even have to to the conversion yourself. Simply use fgetws or
> whatever you want to use and it'll work.

And how will I name the encoding that I will get from that if I don't
use Unicode, but have it in local charset instead? People who write
"internationalization" standards should once in a while check, if Unicode
is now anything but the most worldwide hated charset.


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