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    SubjectRe: Testers wanted: exorcised kmod.c: no more daemon!
    > hmmm didn't the old kerneld remove the modules that had a count=0 for a period
    > of time, rather that just periodically remove the modules?
    > let's say I stop using a device at 23:59:55 and start using it at 00:00:05,
    > now
    > only 10 seconds have elapsed, but my root cronjob might have "rmmod -a" at
    > midnight and the module is unloaded.. hmm makes any sense? any easy way to
    > fix this, while still having a userland unload?

    But this is what basically happens. The first 'rmmod -a' doesn't
    actually remove the modules, the second one does. I think it is because
    the first time through, 'rmmod -a' figures out which modules have a 0
    use count and markes thems as having been checked. The next time, if
    the modules haven't been used in the mean time, 'rmmod -a' removes them.
    So it will always be between N and 2N, where N is the interval
    that you separate calls to delete_module(NULL), which is what
    'rmmod -a' does.

    Kirk Petersen

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