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SubjectRe: Testers wanted: exorcised kmod.c: no more daemon!
In article <> you write:
>On Mon, Apr 13, 1998 at 10:32:41PM -0700, Kirk Petersen wrote:
>> I like the idea of removing the auto unloading code, since it is
>> something that can certainly be done in user space. An argument *could*
>> be made that not all systems have cron. But I've been thinking, how
>> necessary is automatic unloading? I can't think of any good example
>> where *auto* unloading is necessary.
>If you use modules to have an apparently ``full'' featured
>kernel in minimum memory, you only want floppy.o to be
>loaded and taking up valuable RAM when actually using the floppy

As my original posting describes, you have not lost the ability
to do automatic unloading of modules. You just have to add a line to
root's crontab to have "rmmod -a" execute periodically.

"rmmod -a" does exactly the same thing as the periodic
unloading part of the old kmod deamon. They each execute just one
system call: unload_module(NULL). They each unload only the unused
automatically loaded modules.

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